My go-to travel resource

I am a huge fan of Budget Travel magazine. I first discovered BT while on vacation in Hawaii, and subscribed as soon as I got home. However, don’t let the word “budget” fool you, the trips they write about are still pretty pricey, and many of them are ‘once in a lifetime’ trips that require lots of planning.

The set-up is consistent, while most of the other travel magazines seem to change their lay out every month. The article I look forward to most is Trip Coach, where readers can write in about a trip they are taking and ask specific questions, and the magazine creates an itinerary. Since I’ve held on to every issue from the 3 years I’ve subscribed, I now have great advice for trips to Spain, Napa, Scotland, and Japan, among many others, for when I finally make it to those places.  

The Real Deals section is also a good place to get trip ideas. They publish amazing travel packages and hotel deals, but unfortunately they are usually for the next month, so unless you have the flexibility to pack up and jet off, it’s tough to actually book them. They are a great reference especially for remote and less known places because all of the details are provided, such as regional airports and regional highlights.

Happy travel planning!


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