If You’re Ever in Centennial, CO….

be sure to check out Big Bill’s New York Pizza. Full disclosure: this is my uncle’s restaurant and it kept me busy and employed for many summers during high school and college. But, I wouldn’t have selected it as the inaugural post for “If You’re Ever in … Wednesdays” if it were not great.

The restaurant is in an unassuming shopping center in Centennial, on the edge of Highlands Ranch and Littleton. Big Bill’s has become sort of a local legend, not just because of the sports stars and coaches that frequent it, but also because of the service and family-friendly atmosphere. In fact, almost every single Big Bill’s employee at one time ate there for weekly dinners with their family: there are a couple of current employees I remember from when they were little and came in with their parents.

Most importantly, the food is incredible. Just check out the reviews on Yelp. Not only is the pizza great, but the salads, pastas and calzones are tasty, and there is a hero to suit every taste.

So, if you’re ever in Centennial, CO, be sure to stop by Big Bill’s New York Pizza and enjoy a great slice and the wonderful atmosphere.

Big Bill's Ale


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