Oh the possibilities

What would you do with $600 extra dollars?

I read on AOL that the average family wastes $600 per year on uneaten food. This really struck a chord with me as I found numerous expired items in my refrigerator when I cleaned it out on Friday. Here is a list of the things I had to throw out earlier this week:

– half a loaf of french bread so hard it could be used as a weapon;

– an entire carton of eggs;

– a loaf of white bread;

– 2 rotten peaches;

– an un-opened gallon of orange juice.

This is absolutely shameful. Therefore I have decided that I will no longer let things expire without using them. Even if it means having scrambled eggs again (even if I am SO sick of them, such as now, which is why the whole carton expired). If you find yourself throwing out a lot of unused food, you should consider being more conscious, too. If you need extra motivation besides wasting less and saving money, imagine some of the great things you can purchase.

Airfare/4 nights in Honolulu

Delano Chaise to match the rest of the set from Z Gallerie

I will be contemplating these two options as I eat my salad made of ingredients that expire within the next few weeks.


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