What a week

The past week was an absolute whirlwind. Every year a few family members come in to town during a week in August for a charity that my uncle is involved with. This is one of the best (and busiest) weeks of the year for me, and I love getting to show everyone my new stomping grounds. With this August being the first that I am working full time, the week was definitely different as I missed out on beach and pool days, but I still got to see everyone at night and through out the weekend.

Here is a little re-cap of the week:

At the Harold Pump Foundation dinner


Monday and Tuesday: Dinner and a movie with Dan, we saw The Other Guys and Flipped.

Wednesday: We had dinner at a family friend’s in Brentwood and enjoyed great food and wonderful company.

Thursday: Harold Pump Foundation Benefit dinner and a fun night out with my cousin Dan and Greg and Leonna. The Harold Pump Foundation is a great organization that raises millions of dollars for cancer research and patient care.

Leonna, Dan and me in Century City after the dinner


The annual golf tournament and dinner draw many celebrities and sports stars such as Denzel Washington, Robert Horry, Jamie Foxx, Hank Aaron, Gale Sayers, Muhammed Ali and many more. This year’s dinner was at The Hyatt Century City and had over 1500 guests.

Friday: Dinner at Toscana’s, a chi chi restaurant

in Brentwood where a few celebrities were sitting at tables around us. After dinner I braved the streets of West Hollywood and Hollywood and dropped the boys off at the W Hotel.

Saturday: We spent Saturday poolside and had lunch at Houston’s. We went to Beaches in Manhattan Beach for a night out and enjoyed the Beach scene as opposed to the craziness of Hollywood.

Hupa at the Walker/Pump wedding


Sunday: Pool time and the Pump/Walker wedding at Sherwood Country Club. The ceremony was beautiful, a dual ceremony. They were married first by a Christian pastor and second by a Rabbi. The reception was amazing, lots of beautiful flowers and ornate settings.  I wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!

( I apologize for the bizarre formatting of this post. I’ve been trying to get it to work for the past 3 nights, and now I’m just saying ‘to hell with it’ and posting it. Thanks for reading!)


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