Hey cruise lines, spring for the paper!

As I described here, I love planning trips, almost as much as actually going on them. My boyfriend and I are considering going on a Caribbean cruise in early 2011 to celebrate our 5 (five!!!) year anniversary. 

First thing I do, go online to order brochures for the top cruise lines. Imagine my surprise when I find out that a lot of them no longer send physical brochures. I understand being “green” and all of that, but I think it definitely takes something out of the experience. I like to fold down pages and circle things and flip back and forth between itineraries. Therefore, I won’t be considering any of the cruise lines that don’t send brochures (i.e. Carnival and Holland America). 

Brochures from Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian arrived today, and I can’t wait to look through them and narrow down our options!


One thought on “Hey cruise lines, spring for the paper!

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