Thanksgiving in Denver

As I detailed in the Vancouver post, Luke and I have been traveling and away from our families for the past two Thanksgiving holidays. This year, we each went to our respective hometowns. Actually, Luke was fortunate to be able to take the days leading up to Thursday and Friday off, so he was in Santa Cruz for an entire week.

I left for Denver late on Wednesday night and arrived to freezing cold temperatures. While waiting for my mom to get through the busy pick-up line, it was about 9 degrees. In true Colorado fashion, the weather didn’t stay nearly that cold, in fact my mom and I were able to go for a walk with only sweatshirts and pants, no jacket, which was nice.

The trip was great, and filled with lots of family and friend time. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house on Thursday and were up bright and early on Friday to go Christmas tree cutting, which is a longtime family tradition. Though I’ve gone every year (excluding the last two) this was the first year that I’ve actually fully chopped down a tree. I ususally saw for a few minutes and then someone else does the rest. So this year, I determined to finish the job… and I did!

The rest of the trip was lots of food, a night out downtown with friends, a mother-daughter lunch with my best friends Katie and Laura and their moms, shopping and lots of time with my family.

I really enjoyed this time at home and Christmas was just as fun! (More to come on Christmas later.)


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