California Skiing vs. Colorado Skiing

Mountain High

Luke and I spent the long weekend for MLK Jr. Day in Colorado. We both took off the Thursday and Friday before, so we had a nice 5-day vacation. While there we spent a lot of time with my family, saw my friends, went out downtown, ate a lot of great food and skied Vail.

It’s been about 2 years since I skied in Colorado, though I have done some skiing in So Cal. A few weeks ago Luke and I went to Mountain High and last year we skied Snow Summit near Arrowhead Lake.

What a difference! I completely forgot what it is like to ski in powder, or at least real snow that you see falling in front of you. I also completely forgot how monstrous the resorts are. Vail mountain is huge. At one point we were on top of the mountain and turned around and saw lifts down the entire backside and the mountain next door.


In conclusion, these two So Cal resorts don’t hold a candle to those in Colorado, but they are great for a quick snow trip if you live in LA. And the prices are much more reasonable!


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