Which is Worse?

After two unpleasant flights to and from Mexico, I am left contemplating which is worse– sitting near a screaming baby, or sitting near a PDA couple?

I try not to be one of those people who rolls their eyes and is rude to parents who have a young child who is upset. But the family in front of me was ridiculous. From the mom, in her sports bra top, no jacket, to the dad all-out cutting me and two others in the restroom line, these people were getting funny looks from the beginning of the flight. And then their child started wailing. And they did nothing about it. While they are gazing out the window, they have their 20 month old sitting in the aisle seat, tearing up everything in the seat back pocket and screaming. They didn’t make any attempts to comfort her and seemed largely oblivious to her the entire flight. Thinking back, I suppose my dislike is more for unconcerned parents than the actual screaming child.

On my way back from Cancun, I was sitting next to the PDA couple. When I say that they never stopped touching each other the entire trip, I mean it: he was either stroking her thigh or giving her a hand massage or she was draped over him. It was disgusting and weird. As a person who likes personal space, especially in the already cramped airplane seats, I was uncomfortable just sitting next to them.

I understand that everyone has their own style of doing things, but these two extremes made me realize how oblivious some people can be to their fellow travelers. What are some obnoxious things you’ve seen when flying recently?


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