Decor Dilemma: What to Do With All of This Green?

When I left roommate life behind and moved into my own apartment in L.A. in June 2009, I had a lot of shopping to do. I had a lot of great bedroom furniture, but nothing to put in the living room. Seeing as my tiny apartment had a green accent wall, it seemed logical at the time to get everything to match that wall. Over time, I acquired a few furniture staples, such as a black love seat, black and white striped ottoman (my obsession), two bookshelves and a side table. To match the green, I also purchased a green and white chair, green pillows, green throw blankets, green vases, candles, you get the idea.

Upon our arrival in Denver, one of the first things we needed to get was a full-sized couch. We looked around for a bit, and our favorite ended up being a deep-red suede couch. It was affordable, complemented the love seat, ottoman and bookcases, so we got it.  But… it doesn’t go with any of the green, which I have invested a lot of money in. So, I am trying to figure out what do with all of my great green pieces. Any ideas?

Green chair


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