Living Room Wall Decor

I am looking for ways to decorate the walls of our oddly shaped living room, which is more of a rectangle than a square. I especially can’t figure out what to put over the couch. At first I was thinking a large picture or photograph, but then I realized, of what? Then I thought about hanging a few personal photographs, but we already have a ton of photos around the place. My mom suggested using floating shelves above the couch that could display anything from a few books to small vases to smaller pieces of art. Today, I went looking for inspiration.

via, designed by Trish Beaudet

via, designed by Alicia Friedmann

via Baer Home Design

The more pictures I see of floating shelves, the more I think they are the way to go. And they’re definitely a cost-efficient way to add something to the walls. This Ikea shelf, whose thickness I like, is only $19.99. For under $70 I can get three shelves and decorate them with some knicknacks I already have. Decision made!


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