Missoni for Target

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the Missoni for Target collection, and you must not be keeping up with your blogs if you haven’t heard about the fashionistas who are upset and disappointed by the fact that the line is going mainstream. While I understand this, and if Pucci, a designer that I’ve invested some serious coinage in purchasing, does a Target line, I will be quite disappointed, I also feel like the objectors need to chill. Here’s why:

1- You should like a designer or a print because of the look and feel of it, not because of the price, so who cares if an item costs $550 or $35.

2- Those who know, know. If someone is really into fashion, they’re going to be able to spot every item that comes from the Target line, and will therefore know when a piece is the discount line versus the upscale line.

3- If you really like the gorgeous prints with fun colors, then be excited for all of the other non clothing or accessory items, such as the serving platters, dishes, picture frames, etc., which are more than the towels usually available.

I just checked Target Style’s Facebook page for updates about when the online store will launch and people are *freaking.out.* over not having an exact time and being quite rude. It’s just stuff, people!

That said, I’m off to bed! Hope some of the items I have my eye on are still available when I wake up tomorrow.


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