New Year’s Day

In my family, New Year’s Day has always been a big, celebrated holiday. We always get together, and usually my parents have a big party to celebrate the first day of the New Year. Yesterday was no different. So, after reveling in even more drinking and eating following New Year’s Eve, and spending most of the day just being lazy, the official start to 2012 began today for me. So, please excuse the delay of my resolution post. As you will see, I didn’t really resolve to do anything big in particular, but have lots of little goals I would like to accomplish.

In last year’s new year post, I discussed what I hoped for for 2011 — for things to be better than they were in 2010. There were certainly a lot of changes, including moving back to Denver, moving in with Luke and leaving my secure, full-time job. Though I’m still waiting for a few more pieces of my new life to fall into place, I am happier now that I was in 2010. Success!


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