Our Cruise: The Activities

We’ve all heard the term “cruise director” to describe someone who has things planned every minute of the day. After this cruise, I definitely understand why people use it– there are endless things to do, and yes, there was an actual cruise director that we saw all of the time.

Every night a newsletter is delivered to each room with details of all of the next day’s activities. On Princess, this is called the Princess Patter. It’s interesting to look at the Patter (as I heard veteran cruisers call it) and see all of the options available to you, especially on days at sea. Activities include seminars, art auctions, pool games, ice sculpture carving demos, movies, wine tastings and lots more. We didn’t set a goal or map out each day like a lot of people do, but we ended up stumbling on a lot of activities just by walking around and seeing what was going on.

We really loved the shows they produced each night in the Princess Theatre. We saw a piano concert and three well-produced singing and dancing shows, one with Broadway music, another with big band music which featured the Princess Orchestra, and the final show, an Alice in Wonderland-themed medley that had amazing graphics, songs and dancing. Unfortunately we missed the magician and comedian show they had on the last night, but did get to see the final of Princess Pop Star, which was a karaoke competition with 7 finalists.

There were lots of movies available for viewing. We saw “Moneyball” on the big screen of Movie Under the Stars, and we watched “Drive” in the Princess Theatre. They showed about 5 movies per day somewhere on the ship.

A few things that we had talked about doing but didn’t get to were wine tasting, a cooking demonstration and galley tour and high tea (well, that one was just me). Luckily we got in enough stuff that we did want to do and a lot of needed relaxation time, so we don’t have any regrets about stuff we didn’t get to.

We watched “Moneyball” on the outside big screen at Movies Under the Stars

Captains Welcome Speech and Champagne Fountain

In the theater waiting for the show on the first formal night

The Ultimate Deck Party


– Spend a few minutes each evening looking through the newsletter deciding what you want to do the next day. It’s also helpful to bring a highlighter so that you can easily see all of the things you want to do.

– Carry the newsletter in your purse when you go out of the evening. This way you can double check times and make sure you don’t miss anything. I forgot to do this on the last night, and we ended up missing the farewell comedy show because the time was earlier than previous shows and I didn’t bring the newsletter.

– Try to attend a variety of activities early in the cruise, just to get a feel for them. Even if you’re not a show person, you might be surprised at how well done they are and decide to go again.

– Don’t feel obligated to do the activities if you’re just looking to relax and recharge.


2 thoughts on “Our Cruise: The Activities

  1. The second comedian, Phil Tag, was absolutely hysterical. We went to two of his shows, and laughed for the entire show both times. We took our 6 year old to his show on the last night (it was a pg-13 show) and he laughed so hard that I thought he was going to pee in his pants. The magician was “OK” – nothing spectacular. I would say the same about the singer/dancers. Being on a cruise ship they were good performances and enjoyable. If it was a musical done at a major theater in some big city it would probably be considered a disappointment.

    One thing that we missed, but heard was really good was a tour/talk by the head chef. They got to go into all the different kitchens, and see all the holding facilities etc. We were told that it was really interesting.

  2. I’m so sad that we missed the comedian– sounds like you really enjoyed him. I heard he was great. Unfortunately, they had his shows at 7:30 and 9:30, unlike the previous nights when shows were 8:15 and 10:15 (or something like that) so we arrived after it had already finished.

    I totally agree about the shows– my expectations were exceeded because I wasn’t expecting much and was surprised by the amount of sets, costumes and variety they had.

    I heard the talk and tour was great too. Definitely something to try to do on another cruise.

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