Worth a One Time Visit: London Ice Bar

I’ve decided to start a new periodic segment on d&w called “Worth a One Time Visit.” Here I will document places I’ve been and things I’ve done that I think are worth doing, but maybe only once. To start out, I’ve selected something I was super excited to do when I studied abroad in Oxford during the summer of 2007.

One night, my group of girlfriends and I ventured into London with big plans for a night on the town. One of the first places we hit up was the Absolut Ice Bar. Though it was nearly 5 years ago (crazy!!) I still remember having to put our names on a long list and wait about 30 minutes before we were called for our turn.

We were led inside and outfitted in gloves and a hooded, long fur coat. Fifteen pounds later (about $23 U.S. Dollars) we walked downstairs into the Ice Bar for our 15 minutes. We had a lot of fun taking pictures, selecting our drinks and looking around, and our alloted time was over before we knew it.

We went during the height of the ice bar fad, and these pictures were some of my favorites from the trip. I’m definitely glad I was able to experience this , but I don’t think I will need to visit another in the future, given the price and limited time allowed to experience the bar.. I would, however, like to stay at the ICEHOTEL in Norway some time. (Note: a quick google search shows the ICEHOTEL now owns the former Absolut Ice Bar London, which is now called ICEBAR. )


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