Heat Wave in Boston

For the past 6 years, Luke has run the Boston Marathon in April, and I’ve accompanied him on the trip for five of those years. We always have a great time, and have many traditions and routines that we always seem to follow when visiting.

This year was odd in that we didn’t fly together. I waited a few weeks longer to book my ticket, and by then seats on his flight were very expensive. So I opted to fly separately, and by flying JetBlue, I saved over $900. The only downside to this was that I took the red eye Friday night and a late evening flight back on Tuesday, so I ended up being alone in Boston for about 16 hours total. I used this time for a gorgeous walk around the city, shopping and catching up on sleep lost on the red eye, but it definitely felt weird to be in Boston without Luke, because I’ve only ever been there with him.

When he arrived, we started our usual rounds of the city, and had a great time. We got to eat and drink everywhere we had planned on, try a few new places and we walked the city more than we have previous years.

The only disappointing aspect of the trip was the day of the marathon. This year marked the first time it’s ever been warm in Boston when we’ve been there. Usually it’s cold and jacket-required weather, which coming from Colorado is what Luke trains in. This year, however, it was downright hot. On Marathon Monday it was 92 degrees, which is uncomfortable to be in, let alone run a marathon in. Despite hating the heat and not knowing how to hydrate for a marathon, Luke finished and didn’t suffer any health issues, unlike a lot of people I saw coming across the finish. That afternoon and evening we followed our normal post-race traditions, despite the extreme heat and suitcases full of warm clothing.

One of my favorite things about visiting Boston is that I know I will be back again, so I feel like I can relax and take things in more slowly, unlike certain trips when it’s unknown when/if I will be back.

Marathon swag bag becomes race day supply pack

Hanging out in the Public Garden before Luke’s flight

Beautiful flowers along Boylston St., post shopping spree

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