Spring Cleaning

I have decided to dedicate the weekends in May to spring cleaning and getting my life together before the craziness of the summer is upon us. With visitors coming in to town, a few trips planned and lots of other fun events, starting with everything together will be easier than trying to do it as I go along.

I began last weekend and reorganized my portion of the bathroom. I went through all of my products and threw out old and outdated ones, organized the cabinets and shelves and did a nice deep clean of all of the surfaces. I’m really pleased with the way it looks and can already tell that my getting ready time is slightly shorter.

This weekend, I plan to attack the kitchen. As a perk for renewing our lease, our complex replaced our old appliances with stainless steel ones. They were installed yesterday and look really good. Luke took our old microwave to the garage and reorganized the coffee maker, blender, etc. to utilize newfound counter space. I will continue that with reorganizing the cabinets and the pantry.

For the remaining two weekends in May, I plan to work on my clothing storage (closet and dressers) and finally completely clean out my car and take it for a professional detail.

(image via Pinterest)


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