Minimalist Centerpieces

I’m a total wedding fanatic, though I don’t think I’ve posted much on the subject in the past. I don’t believe there is one aspect of a wedding (cake, food, DJ, decor, etc.) that makes a wedding, but floral design is definitely very important. And with flowers I’ve always believed more is more.

Until I went to a wedding in May.

This wedding was at one of the most beautiful venues I’ve been to, the Sanctuary. With sweeping mountain views, greenery everywhere and distant city lights after dark, it’s an absolutely stunning location. It took until I was sitting at the table during dinner and I was able to see the guests across from me that I realized the centerpieces were a single rose in a basic glass vase. And it was beautiful! And smart. Rather than putting giant, elaborate centerpieces up, the couple let the venue and it’s huge windows speak for itself.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to snap a pic of the centerpieces at this wedding, but here are some other similar looks that will let the view shine.

Images via: dighomedesignAllen Woodsdelisheasy wedding centerpieces


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