“You Just Bought A House”

The big news around here lately has been that I am now a homeowner! This wasn’t something I planned on doing in my mid-20’s, and I always figured I would rent until I was in my 30’s or got married, whichever came first. But one day I was bored while eating lunch at work, and came across the website of a new development being built. They had a little calculator where you put in some basic financial info., and as it turned out, it all seemed very doable.

In the end, that development turned out to not be right for me. Though the homes were very nice and it would have been so fun to semi-customize a house, it was even further from my ideal area than my current apartment, and extra add-ons I wanted eventually put my potential home value considerably above most of the others in the neighborhood, which is never good.

So I got in touch with one of my dad’s good friends who is a realtor, and we began to look at places. I looked at five before finding my place, which is so perfect for where I am now, yet also will fit my needs for the next 6-8 years or so. I got into a bidding war with a couple who had seen it 20 minutes before me, but with my realtor’s expertise and my willing to be a little bit flexible on going above the asking price, I won. My realtor called me while I was at dinner with my dad and responded to my ‘hello?’ with the quote that is the title of this post. Such a great way to find out that I had prevailed.

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(image via Villa Rose)

The whole experience was a lot of fun, from the research I did on my own, to looking at houses with my mom and the realtor and especially the closing, it made the spring interesting and has me very excited and ready to move in to my new place. One of the best things about it is that it’s in really great shape, so there isn’t much that I need to do, but I will be doing some small renovations to fix a few things that aren’t my favorite.

I still have my apartment for a few months, so I’m fortunate to be able to move in gradually and really take my time to get things situated the way that I want. But I’m not going to lie, I’m getting pretty antsy to make the full move over.


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