Things I Just Don’t Understand (Part 1)

Lately I’ve been left semi-dumbfounded by trends or things that people seem to be into.

– Nail art as a huge, huge deal. It shocks me that this is such a big thing right now and that there are countless Pinterest boards dedicated to it. If my nails are polished at all, that’s a victory.


Okay, so these are actually really cute. But who has the time?

– All of these 5K runs. Color Run, Beer Run, Bubble Run, Undie Run. It seems like every day there’s a new run in my Groupon email. Maybe it’s the envy of a non-runner, but these just seem silly to me.


– Music festivals. Hot, dirty, remote. Short of a free ticket and a house with a pool walking distance away, I don’t see the appeal of Coachella. And the fashion choices? Trying way to hard, in my opinion.


All images via Pinterest

Did I miss any?


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