The Microwave Situation

I consider myself pretty lucky with the house because there hasn’t been anything I really need to change, and only a few big things that I want to change. The first is the microwave.

photo (2)

As you can see, rather than being mounted, it’s on this weird little shelf, with the cord visible, and I think it looks terrible. This was the builder norm, as another house I looked at in the neighborhood has the same set-up. At first, my plan was to get a new microwave and mount it in the same space. I don’t want to give up counter space, and it would be good to have it out of the way. But then I unpacked all of my cookbooks and realized I don’t have a place for them.  Now I’m thinking about putting the microwave on the counter, and putting shelves in the space instead. Maybe even take out the cabinet above, and make it all shelving. Could be one shelf for décor and another for the books. I think it would be a quick way to make the kitchen look more upscale and would also be practical.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any examples or inspiration on either Pinterest or Houzz. There were lots with shelves on the side of an island, but none in such a prominent place. Maybe it’s a semi-original idea? Hope it turns out like I’m imagining.


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