If there is anything that I’ve learned from this whole house process it’s that you should expect for and plan for delays. Sofa? Came 3.5 weeks late. Patio furniture? Still hasn’t arrived, 2 months later. Small odd jobs, like hanging curtains, large mirrors, mounting the TV? And bigger ones like painting and fixing the microwave situation? Delayed a few weeks by the handyman’s previous projects taking longer than planned. So basically, I’m still living in complete chaos.

I haven’t really been in a huge rush to get everything together, because I know that means I will need to get myself in gear and finally get the unpacking and organizing done. And, I haven’t had much time to dedicate. But now, I’m beyond ready. With a guest in town who will be in and out for the next three weeks, and two more guests coming in two weeks, I want things to be comfortable for them and as finished as I can picture them in my head.

Trying to look at the positive, I’ve at least had enough time to be ready and have my list prepared for when the work begins.

Tick tock.


Carefully selected paint colors


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