Things I Just Don’t Understand (Part 2)

Wedding day looks. Summer is wedding season so my Facebook feed has been filled with people walking down the aisle and sharing their pictures. And I’ve noticed a weird trend, where the bride doesn’t really look like herself. Obviously you want to look your most beautiful on your wedding day, but I would also think you’d want to look like you. Like the best version of yourself. But lately I’ve been seeing people with dramatic false eyelashes, just left the salon fresh hair color and too dark spray tans. They all look super happy in their pictures, so I guess they’re pleased with how they looked and obviously enjoyed their day but I know I’ll want my children to eventually be able to recognize me when looking back years later.


Another Facebook related item, but I am baffled by the way certain people are living out their entire lives for people to see on this medium, post college. When you’re 21, and sharing your night meeting your favorite college football player, or documenting your awesome weekend at the lake, that’s one thing. But when people post pictures upon pictures of their late 20’s gallivanting on the weekends, I don’t get it. And I’ve noticed it’s not a single vs. married thing. A lot of married people I know are even more ridiculous with this. At this point, I’m pretty close to deactivating my account. It’s not so much FOMO as GTFO.


Bachelor/Bachelorette mania. Yes, it’s entertaining. Yes, I like to look at the male eye candy and the gorgeous dresses, and lust over their travels. But blocking out one night (for two hours!) to watch it every week? And having watching parties, complete with a rose for each girl to take home? Too much.


I hear this is the new guy. Umm, he’s absolutely adorable. But no watching parties here, thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Things I Just Don’t Understand (Part 2)

  1. I post a lot on fb about what I’ve been doing, and what we’ve been doing as a family. It’s the one way that I can stay connected to friends and family. We move every 2-5 years because of the Army. I post pics often. I talk about my day. I talk about things that are happening in my life. Facebook has been an important part of keeping up with distant friends and relatives. I love reading about what they’ve been up to and watching their kids grow. Okay there’s my FB defense. But I totally agree with you on everything else that you said!

    • I like a good defense! I totally see your point, especially with how much you move and how far you
      probably are from your friends and family.

      I think the problem for me is that I have so many random friends because FB started right when I was leaving for college, so I’m friends with everyone from high school, and I went to a huge high school, all of these random people from college and after, and it’s such an information overload. I think if I just saw stuff from people I care about, it would be completely different. I love getting updates from my family and actual friends, its the randoms who are trying to show off their lives and spend all of this time telling everyone how great everything is that I struggle with. I think if I did some filtering I would like it a lot better, too.


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