Santa Barbara

In early July I made a trip back to Southern California to visit my friend Megan. When I go to LA I usually rent my own car and hop between friends and cities, but this time I went specifically to visit Megan and make a trip up to Santa Barbara. We went on a trip up there together back in 2010 when I still lived in LA, and decided it would be a perfect place for us to get away to for a couple of nights. We did a lot of things, exploring town, going out at night, hitting the beach, and the highlight, wine tasting. On our last trip we visited a few tasting rooms in town, but this time we did a day-long vineyard trip, which was a lot of fun.

Wine Trail



Wine Tasting



Rancho Sisquoc

Wine tasting with a group of strangers is always interesting. The first stop is usually semi-awkward, since everyone is sober and a lot of times you’re the first group there, so it’s pretty quiet. This group was no exception. But as the day wore on, we all had a lot of fun together. We had a wine geek on the trip, who proceeded to annoy everyone in the group on the first few stops with his intense swirling and spitting and asking a million questions about each wine. But by lunch time, we were all pretty chatty and this guy even bought two bottles for us to share at lunch, which was a really nice gesture. The lunch was catered and set up beautifully (under the umbrella, above) with linen napkins, real silverware and bottles of water. I would definitely recommend Grapeline for a wine tour.

After returning to LA, we met up with a bunch of our sorority sisters for dinner at a restaurant in downtown LA. I love seeing these girls and am excited for my next trip back, in just a few short weeks.


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