First Roadtrip

A few weekends ago, I went on my first roadtrip. This is unbelievable, I know. Growing up we always flew everywhere, and any time I’ve driven somewhere more than 4 hours away, it’s been for a purpose, to college, picking up my new car, etc. But in late July my friend Kristin and I ventured down to Santa Fe for a quick getaway, just because.

Santa Fe has been on my list of ‘to visits’ for a while, so I jumped at the opportunity to get there. It sounds crazy, but I was as excited for the driving portions as I was for the time exploring a new place. We had lots of music at the ready and endless topics to discuss, so I knew the 7 hour drive would go by quickly.

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It was a fun trip, despite being a bit disappointed by some of the dining choices we made. The highlight was definitely meeting up for wine and cheese with Kristin’s boss who was also in town. This weekend I’m off to Dallas with Kristin and a bunch of other people, so it should be another adventure!


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