Empire State: The City

To begin our weeklong trip to New York, we spent a few days in Manhattan. After arriving on the red eye, we were checking into our hotel by 7:30. We refueled with some caffeine at the intense Times Square Starbuck’s and then set off for a walk through the park and a morning at the Met.



photo (21)







The first night we went to dinner at PJ Clarke’s, a Manhattan institution where my grandparents befriended the owners years ago. My mom took this awkward solo pic of me, and on the way back to a bar by the hotel for a drink, I caught the prettiest view of the Chrysler Building.


photo (22)

On our second day, we went for a nice, long walk around Central Park, attended the 12pm Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then spent the afternoon in Saks before a quick run to Zara. I had a lot of luck in Saks, including a beautiful dress I couldn’t say no to, despite not having an occasion that warrants it. Oh well.


photo_3 (1)

photo_2 (1)

photo_1 (1)

That night we went for drinks and oysters at the W in Times Square, saw Jersey Boys (amazing!) and had a late dinner at the Algonquin, where I have fond memories of going with my grandfather. It was just as old New York as I remember.

photo_1 (2)

photo_2 (2)


On our final morning, we took a walk to the Hudson, packed up and waited for our awesome family friend to come pick us up and take us up to the Catskills. Think we over packed??

photo (24)


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