Palm Springs

The day after Thanksgiving I flew to L.A. to meet up with Megan and enjoy a little bit of sun in Palm Springs. Neither of us had been there before and were very excited to check it out. We had beautiful weather, low 80’s all three days, and mostly spent time relaxing by the pool and exploring the food scene.

photo_3 (2)

View from our room at the Saguaro

photo_1 (3)


I was very impressed with the Saguaro and would definitely stay there again

photo_2 (3)

We were in the orange and lime green room, and I was surprised to see my bikini matched the bathroom door

photo_1 (7)

photo (25)

Ready for night number one on the town, where we tried champagne from a can

photo_3 (5)

Fun day in the sun

photo_1 (11)

Pretty colors that can’t even be ruined by a recycling bin

photo_2 (7)

Night two, aka the night I learned how awkward sitting pics can be

photo_2 (11)

Crazy, impromptu night out back in Downtown LA. We stayed out karaoke-ing until 2am. It was awesome.


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