Last Thursday I checked something off my 30 Before 30 list! I donated platelets!


I added this to my list after hearing how important platelets are when my aunt was very sick with cancer in 2007. Their shelf life is short, so most hospitals are undersupplied. I’ve wanted to donate for a while and finally found an opportunity this month.

Thursday was one of the two days those of us in administration had off for spring break, so I took advantage of having lots of spare time and made an appointment for the donation. All in all, the process took about 2 hours. It took one hour for me to fill out the paperwork, answer questions about things that raised red flags (certain medication history, travel outside of the US), have my vitals measured, and then get hooked up to the machine. The machine tells you how long it will take to draw what it needs and counts down, and my time was 59 minutes. They take excellent care of you, offer food and drinks before, during and after your draw, have TV’s you can control and lots of magazines. I felt a little bit cold, which is normal, and was glad they bundled me up in a blanket, but otherwise didn’t experience any other side effects.



It was an emotional experience, especially being back in the same wing where my aunt was cared for, but I plan to donate at least a few times a year.

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