About Me

Hello! I’m Ann. Thanks for stopping by. You can learn the most about me through reading my crazy-random posts, but I thought I’d share some fun things here as well.

Lives: Denver, CO

The basics: Denver born and raised, college in Los Angeles and for 3 years after graduation, studied abroad at Oxford University, taught in English in South Korea one winter, worked in various fields and currently trying my hand at school administration.

What keeps me going: Happy hours/meals/hikes/pool days/anything with the ones I love, being active (Pilates, weights, cardio), always searching for the perfect dress for any and all occasions, planning trips and documenting them, being a saver, not a spender (overall), checking things off my lists and reading.

Favorite places: Del Mar, CA, Oxford, England, Bondi Beach, Australia, Sullivan County, NY

Odds and ends: Love to watch TV shows by the season, huge sports fan, despise tequila, never been to San Francisco, live to eat, haven’t properly mastered doing my own hair (or makeup), never have and never will turn down a Vegas trip.

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Twitter: ann_parker

Pinterest: dandw

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