Wow, I can’t believe it has been just over 2 months since I last blogged. Actually, I can. For the first 4 months in our place, Luke and I were able to use internet from someone who lived by us that left their modem unlocked. We didn’t use it for stuff like banking or online shopping, but for email, Facebook and blogging, it was great. They must have moved out, because all of a sudden the username disappeared and we were left without internet service.

After being away, busy with work and not wanting to do the necessary shopping around to find our own internet provider, I finally chose a company and called to set up an appointment for installation. Their next available appointment was for 3 weeks down the road. So, this explains why I haven’t blogged in forever. When I would go to the library, Starbucks or my parents’ house to use the internet, job searching, emails and staying in touch with friends had to take priority over {d&w}. However, I have so much to blog about, and I’m excited to do so!!

Happy August!!


Los Angeles-Denver

Have you ever driven from Los Angeles to Denver, or vice-versa? If not, I recommend it. I’ve done the trip 7 times in the last 6 years, and each time I’ve dreaded the 17-hour drive, but have ended up enjoying the experience. Here are some of the reasons that make it a great route for a roadtrip.

1) You either start or end in California, so you get to see the ocean.

2) For someone looking to visit lots of U.S. states, this is a pretty good route as you go through 5, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

3) You go through Vegas. Enough said.

4) You see some of the prettiest terrain in Utah, right outside Arches National Park.

5) There is very little traffic, meaning you can relax a bit and play roadtrip games.

I did this drive about 2 weeks ago, leaving Los Angeles, where I went to school and then worked for 2.5 years following school, for Denver, where I am from. This trip was a bit more interesting because in addition to my car, we also had a large Budget truck with all of Luke and my belongings. My mom and Luke’s mom joined us for the trip, so it was a great time. We stopped in Mesquite, Nevada for a night, and then in Grand Junction, Colorado for a night. Breaking the trip up over 3 days was a great way to do it, especially with the heavy, slow truck.

The Route


Our 16 foot Budget truck
Beautiful Utah from I-70


*Unfortunately, most of my roadtrip pics are on my phone, and these blurry ones are the only ones that I have on my camera.

I hope you will have a chance to see this beautiful stretch of the country. And I’m happy to say that we are settling into our new place and love it!

We are here!

We arrived in Denver a week ago yesterday and have been busy moving in, unpacking, seeing family and getting settled. I can’t wait to blog about the roadtrip and some unfortunate design dilemmas I’m having. Hopefully I will have time in the next day or two, once I go through some more boxes.

In the meantime, here is a picture from the roadtrip. Denver, 507 miles.

California Skiing vs. Colorado Skiing

Mountain High

Luke and I spent the long weekend for MLK Jr. Day in Colorado. We both took off the Thursday and Friday before, so we had a nice 5-day vacation. While there we spent a lot of time with my family, saw my friends, went out downtown, ate a lot of great food and skied Vail.

It’s been about 2 years since I skied in Colorado, though I have done some skiing in So Cal. A few weeks ago Luke and I went to Mountain High and last year we skied Snow Summit near Arrowhead Lake.

What a difference! I completely forgot what it is like to ski in powder, or at least real snow that you see falling in front of you. I also completely forgot how monstrous the resorts are. Vail mountain is huge. At one point we were on top of the mountain and turned around and saw lifts down the entire backside and the mountain next door.


In conclusion, these two So Cal resorts don’t hold a candle to those in Colorado, but they are great for a quick snow trip if you live in LA. And the prices are much more reasonable!

Thanksgiving in Denver

As I detailed in the Vancouver post, Luke and I have been traveling and away from our families for the past two Thanksgiving holidays. This year, we each went to our respective hometowns. Actually, Luke was fortunate to be able to take the days leading up to Thursday and Friday off, so he was in Santa Cruz for an entire week.

I left for Denver late on Wednesday night and arrived to freezing cold temperatures. While waiting for my mom to get through the busy pick-up line, it was about 9 degrees. In true Colorado fashion, the weather didn’t stay nearly that cold, in fact my mom and I were able to go for a walk with only sweatshirts and pants, no jacket, which was nice.

The trip was great, and filled with lots of family and friend time. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house on Thursday and were up bright and early on Friday to go Christmas tree cutting, which is a longtime family tradition. Though I’ve gone every year (excluding the last two) this was the first year that I’ve actually fully chopped down a tree. I ususally saw for a few minutes and then someone else does the rest. So this year, I determined to finish the job… and I did!

The rest of the trip was lots of food, a night out downtown with friends, a mother-daughter lunch with my best friends Katie and Laura and their moms, shopping and lots of time with my family.

I really enjoyed this time at home and Christmas was just as fun! (More to come on Christmas later.)