Last Time For A While

Enjoying my last cup of frozen yogurt this evening. At least for a little while. I’ve totally let my health and eating go to the wayside over the last month, and now it’s time to ‘lock it up!’ as they say.

Tomorrow I’m getting back to my workout plan, and starting a very strict diet. I’m hoping to jump start a lifestyle change with good, rigid behavior at the beginning.


New Year’s Day

In my family, New Year’s Day has always been a big, celebrated holiday. We always get together, and usually my parents have a big party to celebrate the first day of the New Year. Yesterday was no different. So, after reveling in even more drinking and eating following New Year’s Eve, and spending most of the day just being lazy, the official start to 2012 began today for me. So, please excuse the delay of my resolution post. As you will see, I didn’t really resolve to do anything big in particular, but have lots of little goals I would like to accomplish.

In last year’s new year post, I discussed what I hoped for for 2011 — for things to be better than they were in 2010. There were certainly a lot of changes, including moving back to Denver, moving in with Luke and leaving my secure, full-time job. Though I’m still waiting for a few more pieces of my new life to fall into place, I am happier now that I was in 2010. Success!

When Working Out Isn’t Happening

Today I got fumbled in my good intention to get back to my workout routine, not once, but twice!

I woke up early this morning to head to a yoga-pilates class, but got a call from my dentist as I’m driving in the opposite direction that I’m already 10 minutes late for my appointment. Workout scratched, had to go get a filling wearing my thin spandex capris and Uggs. Lovely.

Just now, I got dressed and amped up for the gym (no easy feat after a day of a numb mouth and work) and discover that my iPod is dead. And I’m just not up for a silent workout.

Since life got in the way of good intentions I’m doing the next best thing, rolling with it, taking the extra time this afternoon to get caught up on other things and to make dinner for Luke, and will be sure my schedule is clear and iPod is charged for getting back on the healthy horse tomorrow.


Wow, I can’t believe it has been just over 2 months since I last blogged. Actually, I can. For the first 4 months in our place, Luke and I were able to use internet from someone who lived by us that left their modem unlocked. We didn’t use it for stuff like banking or online shopping, but for email, Facebook and blogging, it was great. They must have moved out, because all of a sudden the username disappeared and we were left without internet service.

After being away, busy with work and not wanting to do the necessary shopping around to find our own internet provider, I finally chose a company and called to set up an appointment for installation. Their next available appointment was for 3 weeks down the road. So, this explains why I haven’t blogged in forever. When I would go to the library, Starbucks or my parents’ house to use the internet, job searching, emails and staying in touch with friends had to take priority over {d&w}. However, I have so much to blog about, and I’m excited to do so!!

Happy August!!

First Time

I am updating my blog from my new iPad for the first time! I just received it today from my uncle who is an Apple junkie and updates his electronics whenever a new model comes out. So, he got his iPad 2 and he gave me this one, which he used for about a year. Quite a great and unexpected gift!

I’m hoping that I will proceed to blog more, now that I can take the more portable iPad with me, but we shall see!

At least I’m not a shoe girl…

I’ve decided that I can’t buy any new clothing items/accessories for a while. I’ve been cutting back on my spending in this area to save (and I’ve been doing pretty well!) but events last week solidified it for me.

About a week ago I met my friend Megan at Century City Mall for dinner and shopping. This is by far my favorite mall in LA. They don’t have every store, but they do have a lot of good ones, and parking is free for the first 3 hours, which I love.

One of my first stops was H&M. My shopping style at such a big store like this is to grab one of their shopping bags and toss everything I want to try on/consider into it. When I got to the dressing room, where they only allow you to take clothing in, I dug through my bag and I came across one dress and one shirt. The other 15 items were all accessories, such as belts, purses and jewelry. It was at this point that I realized I have a real obsession with acessories. I love clothing, too, but my heart lies with fun belts, gorgeous purses and jewelry (fine and not so fine).

I have a huge bucket full of belts, literally, a bucket. The last time I remember wearing one of the these belts? Not sure. All that great costume jewelry? I usually wear one of my good necklaces and will maybe remember to switch it for another every 2 weeks. At least I do utilize my handbag collection, using clutches for nights out and altering my everyday bag frequently.

But, I realized how much I just let this great stuff sit there. So, I walked out of H&M (after apologizing to the dressing room guy who will have to restock everything) and made a vow to myself that I will begin acessorizing my outfits and making use of what I already have.

Since that night I’ve been doing relatively well, but it is difficult to create a full, accesorized outfit. We’ll see how I do in the future, but it will be a while before I purchase any new acessories!

2010 –> 2011

2010 was a difficult year. Thankfully my family and friends are all healthy and I’ve been able to share many good times with them. Personally, however, this was a very difficult time. I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty, but many different factors have made it a tough year and one that I am determined to not repeat again in 2011.

So, my goal and plan for this new year is to do what it takes and what is necessary to make me happy. From small changes to large changes, I will do what I must to ensure that on 12/31/11 I am in a better and happier place.