Been staying pretty busy around here, hence the extremely delayed Iceland posts that I’m still working on. But it’s been a good month and half or so since I last updated on happenings around here.

The weekend before the Iceland trip, I went to Opening Day for the Rockies. I’d never been before, but I think I may be one of those people who will take off work and go from now on. We arrived downtown at about 10:30am, with the game not beginning until after 2. I didn’t even have a ticket, I was just going to head home when my friends went to the game, but Katherine won a ticket for me from one of the local radio stations at the bar. We sat club level with the morning on-air personalities and had a funny conversation with them about using ranch as a dipping sauce. The whole day was a blast.

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After Iceland, the next big event was Easter. My cousin came into town, but I didn’t get to hang out with him as much as I wanted. Saturday was a fun night out downtown, with Larimer square all decorated for the Avalanche making the playoffs, and Sunday was Mass, Easter lunch at our usual spot and hanging out at home.

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On a random Thursday, my friend Kevin and I discovered “our place.” We have been friends since Kindergarten, and he recently moved back to Colorado and lives in Colorado Springs, so we sometimes meet in Castle Rock to catch up. I bought a deal for Maddie’s Biergarten and we loved the place. We had flights of beers and brats, and I picked up potato and macaroni salad for us at the grocery store. We were able to catch up and watch the Avalanche game, and I know we’ll go back soon.

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My mom and I had a fun night out downtown seeing the play Shadowlands about the author C.S. Lewis and his relationship with his wife and God. It was a very powerful play, and during the opening monologue, I felt like he could have been speaking directly to me. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants downtown before the play and had our fun bubbly drinks after. It was great to spend a night on the town together.

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That Saturday I played volleyball at Washington Park, which was the perfect way to spend a warm spring morning. That night was our school prom. I was on the decorating committee, which was really fun, and chaperoned the night of the event. The photo booth was so fun, I swear I must have been in it 7 or 8 times.

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Kevin and I attended the South Denver Beer Fest and had a great time. There were over a hundred breweries represented, and in the VIP tent they also had cheese and chocolate, which is rare to find at an event like this. We had a great time and hit up the food trucks. I got a grilled cheese sandwich and fries for lunch, and on the way out we got ice cream sandwiches. So tasty.

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Mother’s Day weekend, my cousin visited from Chicago and it was so great to have her here. We went to dinner and drinks on Friday, walked in Wash Park on Saturday followed by lunch in Cherry Creek, spent 3 hours getting ready and watching the Mindy Project Saturday night and finally made it downtown for dinner at Ocean Prime and then drinks at Cru and Green Russell. On Sunday we went to Mass and then cooked up an impressive brunch for the family. It was a much too quick visit, but fun as always.

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The next update I’ll share about Graduation, Vegas, a wedding and a fun summer goal!

Decor Trend

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately looking for decor ideas for the new house. And one trend I’ve seen that I just don’t get is the stenciled/adhesive sayings that people seem to put everywhere. Like these:





(all images via Pinterest)

I love a positive message and affirmation as much as the next girl, but I think they look kind of tacky and are certainly very trendy.

What do you think?

Minimalist Centerpieces

I’m a total wedding fanatic, though I don’t think I’ve posted much on the subject in the past. I don’t believe there is one aspect of a wedding (cake, food, DJ, decor, etc.) that makes a wedding, but floral design is definitely very important. And with flowers I’ve always believed more is more.

Until I went to a wedding in May.

This wedding was at one of the most beautiful venues I’ve been to, the Sanctuary. With sweeping mountain views, greenery everywhere and distant city lights after dark, it’s an absolutely stunning location. It took until I was sitting at the table during dinner and I was able to see the guests across from me that I realized the centerpieces were a single rose in a basic glass vase. And it was beautiful! And smart. Rather than putting giant, elaborate centerpieces up, the couple let the venue and it’s huge windows speak for itself.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to snap a pic of the centerpieces at this wedding, but here are some other similar looks that will let the view shine.

Images via: dighomedesignAllen Woodsdelisheasy wedding centerpieces

Spring Cleaning

I have decided to dedicate the weekends in May to spring cleaning and getting my life together before the craziness of the summer is upon us. With visitors coming in to town, a few trips planned and lots of other fun events, starting with everything together will be easier than trying to do it as I go along.

I began last weekend and reorganized my portion of the bathroom. I went through all of my products and threw out old and outdated ones, organized the cabinets and shelves and did a nice deep clean of all of the surfaces. I’m really pleased with the way it looks and can already tell that my getting ready time is slightly shorter.

This weekend, I plan to attack the kitchen. As a perk for renewing our lease, our complex replaced our old appliances with stainless steel ones. They were installed yesterday and look really good. Luke took our old microwave to the garage and reorganized the coffee maker, blender, etc. to utilize newfound counter space. I will continue that with reorganizing the cabinets and the pantry.

For the remaining two weekends in May, I plan to work on my clothing storage (closet and dressers) and finally completely clean out my car and take it for a professional detail.

(image via Pinterest)

An Awesome Weekend: Aunt Mel’s 60th, Easter and New Puppy

This past weekend was one of the best in recent memory. My Aunt Mel, who lives in Arizona, came up for what she thought was a quiet birthday and Easter celebration. In actuality, her kids had been planning an elaborate surprise weekend, with family members flying in from Chicago, North Carolina and Phoenix.

We surprised her in the hotel lobby on Friday morning and she had no idea. It was a great moment where we all were reading newspapers and lowered them as soon as she came in. We did so much this weekend, that the best way to share all of it is probably through pictures, so here we go:

Mains and pedis for the ladies.

Lunch at my uncle’s restaurant and my aunt’s first cake

We made cocktails and took them on the lightrail to downtown

The Nuggets game was a lot of fun, especially since they were playing Suns, and my cousins are from Arizona

After dinner at Euclid Hall, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. It probably wasn’t the best choice for this group, as we were all hungry from drinking at the game and trying to observe Lent’s no meat on Fridays. There weren’t many options that worked for us.

On Saturday and again on Sunday afternoon we played sand volleyball and hung out at the park. The weather was beautiful, so this was a perfect activity.

The family on Larimer Square after dinner at Ocean Prime.

Night out dancing at the Tavern. (picture is blurry, but it sums up the night)

On Sunday we went to my uncle’s restaurant, which was closed for the day, and had lunch, did our egg hunt and had the final 60th birthday celebration for my aunt.

On Sunday, after most of the family left for the airport, Luke and I went up to Longmont, CO to visit a breeder we’ve been in touch with for the last few weeks. We have been wanting a Weimaraner puppy for the past 5 years or so, and we recently decided to look into breeders in the state. We got to spend a few hours with 8 beautiful puppies, and were matched by the breeder with the one she thought best suited us. We pick her up on Wednesday the 18th, and absolutely cannot wait.

Lost & Found

About two years ago I made a recipe that I found in Bristol Farm’s free magazine that they give out at the checkout: raspberry macaroon bars. It was probably the most intense dessert I’ve ever made. It called for a food processor, which I don’t have, so I used the ‘mix’ setting on my blender. It took me about 2.5 hours to make the bars, but the recipe made enough to cover a large cookie sheet, so I froze most of them and Luke and I had them for dessert for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, I somehow managed to lose the recipe and the Bristol Farm’s magazine. Despite searching on their website and visiting the store to see if they had an old copy, I couldn’t find the recipe anywhere. Luke mentioned them again earlier this week, and I decided to spend sometime searching on the internet… and I found a recipe that sounds the exact same as the one I used before. I’m excited to spend an afternoon making these!

Election 2010

Here are a few of my thoughts about the November 2 election. Don’t worry, these are general musings and shouldn’t offend anyone.

1) Polls lie, in pretty much every instance. Why do they carry so much weight?

2) I finally broke my previous streak of only donating to losing campaigns. Fear not politicians, in the 2012 election I can donate to your campaign without it meaning doom for your candidacy. (Can anyone guess which politician I donated money to that actually won last night?)

3) Tracking results online by refreshing the Secretary of State’s website isn’t the same as watching them on TV, aka I miss cable.

4) People are gluttons for punishment when it comes to stale, useless politicians.

5) I am slightly less enamored by my home state of Colorado after this election, which is very unfortunate.

6) I voted for a third-party candidate in this election. Feels good to break the party lines once in a while.

Alright, that is my two cents. No matter which side you’re on, I hope we can all agree that America is an amazing country and we are all fortunate to live here.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is a picture of Luke and I dressed up for Halloween ’06, sadly the last year I got really into the holiday. He was a Weimaraner, his favorite type of dog, and I was a bee. We had a really great night. Hopefully next year we will have more time to plan costumes and go as something original and funny.

In the meantime, enjoy the candy, pumpkins, and fun that go along with Halloween!