The Big 2-5

I turned 25 two weeks ago and wanted to make it a great birthday so that I wouldn’t be too upset about the getting older part. It went really well, and ended being one of my best birthdays yet!

Luke and I hiked to Hanging Lake (more about this later!)

We spent a night at the world-famous Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs (we also went white-water rafting the next day, but I don’t have a pic)

Went for a late-night swim in the Glenwood Hot Springs after a great dinner in town

Arrived home to find birthday gifts from my mom

Celebrated at a wonderful seafood dinner with the fam

Met up with a bunch of good friends at the Tavern!

Such a great weekend! And now I’m excited for what 25 will bring!


Del Mar, My Happy Place

I was fortunate to spend my birthday last weekend in Del Mar, CA with my mom and my boyfriend. Del Mar is by far my favorite place in California. My aunt and uncle went there for years before my aunt passed away, and I was lucky enough to spend some great times there with them. Not only is it a great and lively beach town, every time I’m there I feel so connected to my family and have wonderful memories of times with my aunt. For these reasons I try to make it down to Del Mar as often as possible.

Mom, Luke and I drove down after work on Friday.  I love arriving in Del Mar at night and waking up there in the morning, with the sun shining over the beach. This weekend we enjoyed lots of beach time, great food, a fun game of charades and lots of cocktails.

Here are some pictures from my 24th birthday weekend.


Beautiful Del Mar, CA


Luke and I on the beach


Sunset from the hotel


Mom and I after my birthday dinner


The three of us at Fidel's