Things I Just Don’t Understand Part 3

This one gets me every time and truly leaves me dumbfounded. Padded sports bras. Now, I am not an athlete. I love sports, but I’m not that girl that can run for miles or pick up a sport and be good at it that day. But, when I get up the motivation to work out, I work out. I don’t put on makeup, I get sweaty, I don’t wear some coordinated Victoria Secret Active outfit, and I certainly don’t worry whether my C-cups look like B-cups under my t-shirt. And it seems crazy to me that anyone does. I’m probably making too big of a deal about this, but in my mind it’s basically saying that as women, we always have to be ‘on.’ Even breaking a sweat, we have to look sexy and show off those curves.


I write about the next one with a little trepidation. One, because I know some people out there will be offended and two,  I’m writing about something I have no experience with. However, I must admit that I am a bit lost when it comes to gender reveal parties. I grew up in a family where all of the babies gender’s were a surprise, and I’ve taken to my mom’s view that finding out in the delivery room must be the ultimate surprise, after all of that terrible work. And talking with a friend who is due any day now about her guess on the sex, which changes every time I see her, is really fun. Some people like to know in order to plan, I get that. But throwing yourself a party to find out the sex in front of everyone else, kind of weird. It takes an intimate moment that used to be just the couple in the delivery room, and puts it in front of friends, family and even coworkers. And all of the ways in which it’s revealed? Balloons in a box, cake color, opening a gift with a little boy or little girl outfit, just seem cheesy to me. I know I won’t have my own party (way down the road), but I realize they are becoming more and more trendy.


Professional athletes behaving badly. This has been a big issue here in Denver lately as one of our best receivers has had repeated run ins with the law. Drugs, speeding, driving without a license, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for him. Now, I understand the argument that these people are human, and are entitled to make mistakes and have fun. But being a professional athlete isn’t a life long career. In fact, the average length of time a player is in the NFL is 3.3 years. Can’t you focus for that time, and make your stupid choices later, when you’re retired?

2011 NFL Draft

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A lot has been going on lately, so I figured I would do one long post with quick info about everything.

9/11: Still can’t believe this year marked the 10th anniversary. I remember that day and the following weeks so well. As he does every year, my uncle had a donation only day at his restaurant. I volunteered all day and it was such a great experience. We raised over $100,000 this year, all going to the non-profit he created for my aunt, the JoAnn B. Ficke Cancer Foundation.


Missoni for Target: As I blogged about here, Target debuted their Missoni line last Tuesday. I woke up a bit earlier than usual and arrived at Target at about 7:50. I was the first one there, but at about 5 ’til, other cars pulled up. When the doors opened at 8am, we went in and it was all pretty civilized. I picked up everything I liked and made my way through all of the various departments.

My mom came to meet me at about 8:30 and helped me go through the things I’d selected. I tried not to hoard and put things back on the shelf as soon as I knew I didn’t want them. I was lucky, and ended up getting everything I had my eye on expect for the bikini (online only and the website crashed) and the clutch, because they didn’t have it at my store. I got a few clothing items but mostly decor for the apartment. There was a woman who I was walking around with for a while who had two carts. The guy at the checkout told me that her total came to $2600. Unreal.


A new tradition: Luke and I have started a new thing, and we’ve done it the past 3 out of 4 weeks. On Saturdays we go to 5:30 Mass and then out to dinner. It has kind of turned into our “date night.” Might sound like something we’d do in our 50’s, not our 20’s, but we both really enjoy it and I think it’s bringing us closer.


A perfect day: Last Sunday was as near to a perfect day as I’ve had lately. We woke up and had breakfast and watched some of our favorite shows on Hulu. Then we left to drive down to the Rockies game, where we were planning to buy really cheap tickets. As we’re downtown looking for parking, my uncle calls and says that he has two awesome tickets for us behind the dugout. Since we were already tbere, we had to turn him down, which was a shame. As we were at the ticket window discussing what to do, a young couple comes up and offers us their two extra tickets FREE! We were so excited, the tickets were awesome for being free, 28 rows behind the opposing dugout, and were in the shade.

When we sat down and thanked the couple again, they said they were just glad to give the tickets to Rockies fans (I was wearing my Todd Helton t-shirt). Of course, we didn’t tell them that Luke is in fact a Giants fan, and he kept his cheering to a minimum! After the game, we stopped at Jackson’s to have a drink and watch the end of the Bronco game before heading back to the car. On our way home we stopped at Pinkberry, which I haven’t had since my LA trip in May, and at the grocery store. For dinner I made this delicious Goat Cheese Risotto recipe. Quite a nice and relaxing Sunday!


Next trip: I’ve been suffering from a bit of insomnia as I have fully started planning the next big trip that Luke and I will be taking. Once I began researching and pricing out itineraries, I wanted to do all of it and spent quite a bit of time pouring over brochures, websites and travel boards. I think this trip will be awesome! I’m hoping that we will book in the next week or two!

Ready for our next adventure!


Mexico 2012: When she was home this past weekend, my friend Katie brought up our annual spring trip to Mexico! Yay! I looked into flights just for the heck of it, and they are around $500, 6 months ahead of departure! What is up with that? Here’s hoping they go lower, because I can’t imagine missing out on this: