Empire State: The Catskills

For the second part of our New York visit, my mom and I spent 4 days in the Catskills region, where her hometown is located. We have many family and friends still in the area, so there were lots of people to see, and I always love hearing stories about her childhood and seeing where they took place.

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View from our family friends’ home, where we stayed.

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Visiting the site of my grandpa’s house, my mother’s childhood home, which was destroyed in a flood in 2007

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Downtown Roscoe, where my cousins and I spent hours riding our bikes and golf cart






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Spent some time at the lake house and Clear Lake, a staple in all of my Roscoe summer trips

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Saw some of the local landmarks on our long drives around the area


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As long as I’ve been going to visit Roscoe, the town has been in a pretty constant state after experiencing it’s bust in the middle of the 20th century. While there are many business that have been around for years, there are two spaces where restaurants go in and out, and a few vacant storefronts downtown. Of course, the recession hit this small town even harder than most places, so I was happy¬†to see that two new business have cropped up, Roscoe Beer Co. and Prohibition Distillery.

It’s always great to go back to a place where you have really fond memories and hope to spend more time in the future. I still need to share details from the games, but I figured this part of the trip deserved it’s own post.