I Just Can’t Seem to Help Myself

Being a total girly-girl, my house has a lot of pink and purple. My powder room is bright pink, the dining room has a pink chandelier, the breakfast nook is pink with green accents, the living room color scheme is pink and orange and my duvet in my bedroom is purple. So, when I was deciding on a color scheme for the office, I thought it would be fun needed to shy away from my usual girly colors and do something different.

Other rooms avoid pink and purple as well, the family room and guest room and the patios, but that’s pretty much it. Before I moved in, I knew I wanted to have one room with navy blue walls. My desk is brown, along with the sofa table I bought to match it, so I decided the office color scheme would be blue, white and brown. I’ve had fun looking for blue and white furniture and accents, and the room is coming along, but I realized a few weeks ago that it needs some excitement. And then I came across the most ridiculous/crazy wall art ever—in pink—and I decided that this room will have pink accents in it as well.

I’ve been putting a full-court press on getting this room ready the last few weeks. I ordered the wall piece, ottomans for under the sofa table and have been buying art for a gallery wall. I also received a fun pink lamp from family friends as a housewarming gift. My goal is to have the office completed before I leave for the beach in just over two weeks. We’ll see!


This sleeper love seat from Ikea is the main piece of furniture in the room. I like how it has both light and navy blue, so when it comes to art and other accessories, there are lots of options. I will be sure to take some before and after pictures to share as I finally get this room off my to-do list!


“I Absolutely Hate It”

My best friend from childhood was in town for a few weeks this month and was in and out of my place, and one of the many things I love about him is his brutal honesty. On his last night we were discussing the house and the changes that still need to be made, and he made his thoughts about the microwave situation very clear. “I love everything else about this place, but I hate the microwave. I absolutely hate it. You have to change it ASAP.” It made me laugh so hard, because I felt the same way when I saw it, and I appreciated the honesty.

This weekend I’m heading to Home Depot to meet with a kitchen designer and look at the options. I’m thinking that rather than open shelves, like I’d been thinking, I might get a cabinet that matches my collection but has a paned window front. It will update the kitchen, and will also allow me to display my cookbooks and other décor items. I found a few kitchens on Pinterest that mix a paned cabinet with regular ones, and I think they look good.





Would you mix the two cabinet types, if they are part of the same collection and the color matches?