This is a topic I could write about endlessly. After all, life is unfair. But today in my work inbox I had a very pertinent email from Seth Godin, a marketing expert who always shares interesting tidbits about life and career. This especially spoke to me today, and I thought I would share.

On teaching people a lesson

You’re actually not teaching them a lesson, because the people who most need to learn a lesson haven’t, and won’t. What you’re actually doing is diverting yourself from your path as well as ruining your day in a quixotic quest for fairness, fairness you’re unlikely to find.

Sure, you can shut someone down, excoriate them, sue them or refuse to let them win, but odds are they’re just going to go try their game on someone else.

When you fire a customer and politely ask them to move on, you are withdrawing yourself from their trollish dance. When, instead, you focus on the good student, the worthwhile investor, the delighted vendor, you improve things for both of you. The sooner you get back to work (your work), the sooner you can move toward your best outcome, which is achieving what you set out to achieve in the first place.

The real tragedy of the person who dumps on you is that you pay twice. The second time is when you get bent out of shape trying to get even.

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Busy Bee

Have you seen this article from the New York Times? It was published over a week ago, but has recently caught on with my family and friends. When I first started reading it, I got really offended and thought I was the exact type of person the author is chastising. If you read this blog frequently, you know that I love a fresh to-do list full of projects and tasks to complete. But after reading the article more closely, I see that I’m not at all the type of person the author is referring to.

Rather than discussing people who enjoy having tasks and feel productive when they complete them, he calls out those people who relish being super busy for the sake of being super busy, the people who love to tell other people how busy they are in order to look important. I think we all know this type of person, in college they always had an excuse of why they couldn’t enjoy a fun night out, and as working professionals they have client dinners and weekend travel and are always turning down plans.

It seems the author and I agree on a lot of things. The reason I love my to-do lists and completing them is because it gives me license to do absolutely nothing later and not feel guilty. His idea of the perfect workday, working for 4-5 hours, exercising and then relaxing either with friends or alone, sounds pretty great to me.

I know that with our culture thriving on being busy, and instilling this in children at younger and younger ages, the trend is only going to become more commonplace. But hopefully people will have keep perspective on the things that matter, and only be busy when they need to be, not for the sake of being busy.

What’s your take on our busy bee culture?

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Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

I was a little apprehensive about returning to LA this past weekend for my first “real” visit since moving away in March. Real is in quotation marks because I did make a quick, 24 hour trip back with my mom in May, but it was so short that we were rushing around the whole time. I didn’t quite know what to expect with this visit, because I had 3 full days and a lot of time on my own between meeting up with friends, and I was afraid I would be nostalgic.

I’ve always been a person who wants to linger in life’s stages. When I graduated from high school, I was more sad about leaving that time of my life behind than I was excited for college. The same can be said for every other milestone I’ve experienced thus far. While I know that leaving LA and starting “the rest of my life” in Denver was the right choice, and I’m very happy with the way things are now, the whole move was so last-minute and rushed and has brought about a mix of emotions.

So, touching down in LA, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But, what happened was a wonderful weekend where I got to see lots of friends (more than I had even planned on!) and some solo time where I was able to drive by my old apartment, go to my favorite beach and grocery shop at my old Ralph’s. It’s hard to leave periods of your life behind, but being able to go back and relive them makes it all that much sweeter!

Playa del Rey

Great friends

Visited Susie Cakes and Sprinkles for hostess gifts for my awesome friends

When Working Out Isn’t Happening

Today I got fumbled in my good intention to get back to my workout routine, not once, but twice!

I woke up early this morning to head to a yoga-pilates class, but got a call from my dentist as I’m driving in the opposite direction that I’m already 10 minutes late for my appointment. Workout scratched, had to go get a filling wearing my thin spandex capris and Uggs. Lovely.

Just now, I got dressed and amped up for the gym (no easy feat after a day of a numb mouth and work) and discover that my iPod is dead. And I’m just not up for a silent workout.

Since life got in the way of good intentions I’m doing the next best thing, rolling with it, taking the extra time this afternoon to get caught up on other things and to make dinner for Luke, and will be sure my schedule is clear and iPod is charged for getting back on the healthy horse tomorrow.