The Last, Oh, 4 Months?

Someone has been a bit behind on the whole blogging front, but a lot has been happening, so here is a handy lil catch up on things around here.

IMG_1072Christmas was nice as usual, and included visits from family and friends, a fun night out downtown and all of our traditions that make the season so special.


New Year’s Eve was spent with good friends at a hotel party in Denver. And reiterated my belief that getting ready with the girls is usually more fun than the actual event.



In mid-January my mom and I went to Vegas for her surprise Christmas gift. Our main event was seeing the Rod Stewart concert at Caesar’s, which was amazing, but we also fit in shopping and a lot of chatting over food and drinks. It was too cold to do our usual Vegas activity, the pool, but it just means we’ll have to go back soon!



In February my cousin Mary and I went on our annual trip to visit our cousin Dan. We had a great time in Winston-Salem, NC and got to see Wake win and spend a lot of time together.



Over President’s Day weekend I went back to LA for a sorority sister’s wedding and to see some friends. It was a great trip. I got to catch up with a lot of people I haven’t seen recently, ate at most of my favorite restaurants and even got to have a little beach time.




In March Megan came for a visit and we spent the weekend in Steamboat Springs. Great skiing and a really fun town.

A Quick Trip

Last Sunday and Monday I went on a whirlwind trip with my mom back to Los Angeles. I had a doctor’s appointment I needed to go to, and we decided to make it a two-day, one night vacation.

We were able to pack a lot into our short time there, including a walk from Marina del Rey (where we stayed) through Venice to the Santa Monica Pier, a walk around my old college campus, LMU, dinner in Manhattan Beach, and shopping at Zara and H&M, two stores that Denver doesn’t have. Oh, we also got Pinkberry twice, at my mom’s request — didn’t know she liked it so much!

We had a great time together, and I think it was the inaugural trip of many mother/daughter getaways!

Santa Monica

Gorgeous LMU

Ending the trip at LAX


Living in Los Angeles is expensive. I suppose this goes without saying as it is commonly known that LA is right up there with New York for most expensive cities to live in. So, it’s exciting when you find something free (or at least discounted) to do in the city.

On Friday, I went to LACMA, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for years. In my research of when to go, I discovered that museum admission is free for LA County residents after 5pm. Most days they are open until 8pm, but on Friday they are open until 9, so I decided to utilize that extra hour.

Loved this room

I must admit, I am not a big art museum person. I love natural science museums and history museums, but my experience with art museums is limited to the Met when I was in 6th grade and a quick perusal of the Louvre after drinking quite a bit of wine at lunch. So, I don’t have much to compare LACMA to. That said, I really liked the museum. It is quite large, about 4 or 5 different buildings (I didn’t even make it to two of them) and things flow nicely.

The main exhibits I saw were the modern art instillations, Indian art, ancient ceramics, traditional art and Islamic art. I found the Indian art very interesting, but my favorite was definitely the more traditional stuff, such as biblical scenes, impressionist art and portraits.

The museum was practically deserted when I visited, which was really nice. At one point I was alone in a large room with beautiful Monet’s everywhere and I glanced out the window and saw the terrible rush hour traffic on Wilshire. It was neat to be in the middle of the city but feel a world away.

Here are some of my favorite works:





The iconic LACMA lights

*Tip: Parking was $10, which is pretty step. To avoid the parking charge, visit after 7pm.

If You’re Ever in Malibu…

Be sure to checkout Zuma Beach. Malibu has many beautiful beaches, but Zuma is my favorite. Not only is there a decent amount of parking, it also feels like a real, public beach, unlike many of the other beaches in Malibu where it feels like you could be trespassing on private property. You can also catch a glimpse of the Channel Islands, which are beautiful! 

Zuma Beach


Surrounding hills

Exploring L.A.

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that Los Angeles is a very fascinating place. I have been finding myself more on the ‘hate it’ side lately (my short commute has been taking forever!). But letting traffic and rude people get the best of me isn’t my style, so I have been trying to see more of the positive aspects of L.A. lately.

Two weekends ago Luke and I went to the Malibu Family Wines tasting room in Malibu, CA. On the way we got sandwiches from Bristol Farms for lunch, and listened to live music while we ate and sampled some wines.

Grapes and vines

The outdoor tasting room

We really liked this place and definitely plan to go back again. It’s very different than the usual tasting room!