Are You Still There?

I am! And amazingly, so are many of you! I have been surprised the past few weeks to find people still checking in, despite my glaring absenteeism. This post is a bit of a brain (and camera) dump, but there will be some new posts this week!

Was sad to say goodbye to summer white on Labor Day

Quick LA trip had to include some walk and beach time at Manhattan Beach

And of course had to grab some In N Out

This dog… no words

Getting really into football this season! #blueandorange

What have you been up to?

A Quick Trip

Last Sunday and Monday I went on a whirlwind trip with my mom back to Los Angeles. I had a doctor’s appointment I needed to go to, and we decided to make it a two-day, one night vacation.

We were able to pack a lot into our short time there, including a walk from Marina del Rey (where we stayed) through Venice to the Santa Monica Pier, a walk around my old college campus, LMU, dinner in Manhattan Beach, and shopping at Zara and H&M, two stores that Denver doesn’t have. Oh, we also got Pinkberry twice, at my mom’s request — didn’t know she liked it so much!

We had a great time together, and I think it was the inaugural trip of many mother/daughter getaways!

Santa Monica

Gorgeous LMU

Ending the trip at LAX