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I’ve mentioned before that I am a big fan of Pinterest. Every time I visit the site, I always find a few interesting pins. I pin things related to a lot of different subjects, but one of my favorites are quotes. There are so many great quotes out there, from the Bible, noted thinkers, authors and regular people. Sometimes, when I’m feeling drained or down about something, I will scroll through my board, and I can honestly say that it helps lift my mood. Here are a few of my favorites.


I love this one. I was taught to always say hello to people you encounter and smile, and it can be jarring when someone doesn’t return the gesture, but I’d much rather be the friendly person than the rude one. One day I’ll have to share how being this way helped me land my current job.


Amen. Some of us struggle with knowing all of the good things we deserve. Luckily there is someone watching out that certainly does.


I think we’ve all been guilty of this, waiting for one or two things to change, lose weight, move to a new place, meet the right guy, and then things will be better. But, looking at it that way makes you miss out on the beauty of right now, of every day.


Powerful perspective, and is true for people of all sorts of situations and status.


An important reminder that we are in charge of our own happiness, or misery, and we have a choice in the type of life we live. This goes along with another quote whose essence is to be the star of your own life. Own it.

Are there any quotes that speak to you or give you perspective?

Parlez-vous anglais?

I returned last night from a fun weekend in Vegas– details to come in an upcoming update post– and am already counting down to my next trip, which is in a couple of weeks, to Montreal and Quebec City.

Megan and I will be spending a few days in the province of Quebec, and I am so excited for everything that we have planned. I’ve been to other parts of Canada before, but I’ve heard that both of these cities have a lot of charm and fun things to see, and they’re supposed to have a very European feel to them.


from Pinterest via flickr

I’m hoping to have time to buy a guidebook this week (I still prefer them to any smartphone app or website) and have been pinning pretty sights on Pinterest for a few weeks now. You can see my board by clicking here. I’m imagining there will be a lot of exploring with frequent stops at outdoor cafes, as a lot of the pictures I’ve seen show colorful umbrellas and happy people eating and drinking beneath them. Sounds great to me!

If you have any recommendations or helpful links, please share!


I’ve been holding onto a Lululemon gift card since Christmas and finally went to look around and make a purchase. I love that all of their pants have a long option so I don’t have to worry about that horrible ‘too short athletic pants with sneakers peeking out look’– it’s the worst. I went with their Groove pant in Long. Ironically, I don’t think I’ll actually wear them for working out, I prefer shorts or leggings, but they are great for to and from the gym, running errands and working around the house. I didn’t need to take advantage of their free hemming service, but I think it’s awesome they offer it.

photo_2 (15)

If I join a tennis league this summer like I’m considering, I’m buying the white skirt!

Last weekend, this guy had his first sleepover at my house. It went really well and it was fun to have him there, but I was reminded just how demanding a pet is and it showed me that I am not ready to get one for myself again yet.

photo_1 (16)

Eating well and being active works. Period.

photo (35)

Last Saturday I went to a freedom party for a friend. It was the first party I’ve been to that was totally Pinterest-worthy, where the host truly thought of everything to make it special.

photo_2 (14)

Dessert table (we had already eaten a lot)

photo_3 (10)

Girl power quotes everywhere

photo_4 (6)

photo_5 (4)

photo_1 (17)

Mashed potato bar– excellent idea for a party

After years and years of not updating my glasses with my new prescription, I finally ordered some new ones and they arrived last week. I have a very strong prescription, and with frames and lenses, my glasses price usually approaches 1k. I’d heard about Warby Parker and decided to do their home try on. I selected a pair I liked, and $135 later, I have them. Much more economical, since I usually only wear them before bed and wear my contacts the rest of the time.

photo_3 (12)

My mom and I did a 5k this weekend, and it was so much fun. They had a great after-party with pancakes and sausage and unlimited O’Dell’s Brewery beer. We stayed for a long time and listened to the Irish band play.

photo_2 (16)

photo_1 (18)

We’ve been having beautiful weather, so I’ve taken every opportunity I can to get outside for my workouts. This was last Sunday when it was about 72 degrees.

photo_3 (11)

Decor Trend

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately looking for decor ideas for the new house. And one trend I’ve seen that I just don’t get is the stenciled/adhesive sayings that people seem to put everywhere. Like these:





(all images via Pinterest)

I love a positive message and affirmation as much as the next girl, but I think they look kind of tacky and are certainly very trendy.

What do you think?