Texas Ranching

Over Labor Day weekend (yes, about 5 months ago) I took a trip to Dallas with a few friends. We spent the majority of the time out on a ranch, which was perfect for my mood that weekend.

There ended up being 13 of us hanging out at the ranch, and it was a non-stop weekend of fishing, ATVing, shooting, monster trucking, drinking games and watching college football. Aka it was a perfect escape from the grind and drama that has been occupying my Denver life, particularly at work.

photo (13)

photo (15)

photo_3 (7)

photo_4 (5)

photo (14)

photo (20)

photo_2 (6)

photo_1 (6)

photo (16)

photo_4 (3)

photo_2 (9)

photo_2 (10)

photo_3 (8)

photo_1 (10)

photo_1 (9)

Looking back at the pics has me hoping we’ll make another trip down there soon, it was such a great time. And yes, that last picture is me shooting an AK 47. Highly recommend.