Busy Bee

Have you seen this article from the New York Times? It was published over a week ago, but has recently caught on with my family and friends. When I first started reading it, I got really offended and thought I was the exact type of person the author is chastising. If you read this blog frequently, you know that I love a fresh to-do list full of projects and tasks to complete. But after reading the article more closely, I see that I’m not at all the type of person the author is referring to.

Rather than discussing people who enjoy having tasks and feel productive when they complete them, he calls out those people who relish being super busy for the sake of being super busy, the people who love to tell other people how busy they are in order to look important. I think we all know this type of person, in college they always had an excuse of why they couldn’t enjoy a fun night out, and as working professionals they have client dinners and weekend travel and are always turning down plans.

It seems the author and I agree on a lot of things. The reason I love my to-do lists and completing them is because it gives me license to do absolutely nothing later and not feel guilty. His idea of the perfect workday, working for 4-5 hours, exercising and then relaxing either with friends or alone, sounds pretty great to me.

I know that with our culture thriving on being busy, and instilling this in children at younger and younger ages, the trend is only going to become more commonplace. But hopefully people will have keep perspective on the things that matter, and only be busy when they need to be, not for the sake of being busy.

What’s your take on our busy bee culture?

(Sidenote: love the template below!)


5 Days

Things have been pretty crazy around here. After interviewing twice the week before Memorial Day, the Tuesday following the holiday I was offered a full-time job! I have been job searching for a while, and I’m so glad to not just have a “real” job, but to have gotten this particular position. I started this past Monday, and am really enjoying it!

Of course, that means I had very limited time to accomplish a lot of things I thought I would get to during my “underemployment,” such as organizing our closet and clearing the guest room of clutter. As we  know, however, I am a big list person, and I love having a time frame on things. So, I made a list of everything I wanted to do in the 5 days I had before starting.

Some things were easy, like hanging out with Lily, while others were quite difficult and time consuming. As a person who hates getting rid of things, I tried to really go through everything as I organized, and set aside for Goodwill things I no longer like or need. Consequently, this had led to me making progress toward checking some things off another list, my 30 Before 30 list.

After going through my closet, my dresser drawers and the guest closet, I found 22 things to give away. It’s a start!

Summer Goals

Despite the fact that it is the middle of July, it is just beginning to feel like summer here in LA. The “June Gloom” lasted well into July this year, and the sun has finally emerged and seems to be here to stay. Therefore, it seems quite fitting that I have just now assembled my yearly list of summer goals. While I have considerably less time to complete them, that just means I will have to be extra productive. To keep me honest, I’m going to list them here in the opes that some of my loyal blog readers will check up on my progress.

My goals for summer 2010 are:

– To blog twice a week;

– Visit one new place in Los Angeles per week;

– Hang out with friends more often;

– Read “A Patriot’s History of the United States;” (It’s 829 pages and I’m on page 0.)

– Complete an Ironman Triathalon before the month of July is over: that means run 26.2 miles, bike 112 miles and swim 2.4 miles. So far I’ve fun 5 miles, biked 18 and swam 0. Going to be a busy — and sore — 12 days;

– Update my black & white picture wall with recent shots;

– Spend more time volunteering at the 2 charities I’m working with now;

– Make more media placements at work.

Looks to be a crazy month and a half before Labor Day, but I say Bring It On!!