Weekend Plans

A 3-day weekend- yay!

I have few specific plans, but a lot I’d like to get done this weekend, such as reading more than one page in my book, starting this 5k training plan in preparation for my first 5k in October, a night in Colorado Springs and baking a very special and time consuming treat for my marathon runner.

What are you up to this weekend?

image via Southern Sophistication

5 Weekend Highlights

Luke’s mom has been in town visiting us, and we’ve had a great time taking her to our favorite local restaurants and showing her around. On Saturday night I cooked this risotto recipe for the two of them. This is one of the only times I’ve cooked for someone other than Luke and me, so it was fun to get another person’s perspective.

I bought Easter egg colored candles for the candle holder to replace the usual red ones. Loving the look of our place decorated for Easter.

My parents hosted a brunch for my brother’s birthday on Sunday. My mom cooked an unbelievable amount of food and it was delicious. This was his cake.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend, which led to the last two highlights. One was the nice walk I went on with my mom and Luke’s mom along the Highline Canal. The other was sitting on our front patio with cocktails on Friday afternoon.

Five Weekend Highlights

This was a great weekend filled with relaxation and time with friends.

On Friday, my best friend threw a surprise party for her mom. I was able to connect with some of my friends’ parents and enjoy some fun party games, like pin the tail on the donkey.

On Saturday Luke and I went to lunch at Earl’s, a fun and hip restaurant with delicious sandwiches.

That night, we had the chili I made last weekend and froze, and I made the Sprinkles cupcake mix that Luke’s mom gave us for Valentine’s Day.

Sunday morning I lounged in bed and spent some time reading and reorganizing the blog– which I think looks pretty good.

Last night I had cocktails with the BFF and helped her pack up her closet.

And now the countdown has begun for next weekend to arrive…


I always look forward to having people visit us in Denver, especially people who have never been before or haven’t spent much time here. Luke’s sister is coming to visit this weekend, and I’m excited for her to see our place and to show her around. We don’t have anything specific planned (very unlike me) but will go with the flow and see what kinds of things she wants to do.

One place that’s definitely on the list? My uncle’s restaurant.