An Awesome Weekend: Aunt Mel’s 60th, Easter and New Puppy

This past weekend was one of the best in recent memory. My Aunt Mel, who lives in Arizona, came up for what she thought was a quiet birthday and Easter celebration. In actuality, her kids had been planning an elaborate surprise weekend, with family members flying in from Chicago, North Carolina and Phoenix.

We surprised her in the hotel lobby on Friday morning and she had no idea. It was a great moment where we all were reading newspapers and lowered them as soon as she came in. We did so much this weekend, that the best way to share all of it is probably through pictures, so here we go:

Mains and pedis for the ladies.

Lunch at my uncle’s restaurant and my aunt’s first cake

We made cocktails and took them on the lightrail to downtown

The Nuggets game was a lot of fun, especially since they were playing Suns, and my cousins are from Arizona

After dinner at Euclid Hall, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. It probably wasn’t the best choice for this group, as we were all hungry from drinking at the game and trying to observe Lent’s no meat on Fridays. There weren’t many options that worked for us.

On Saturday and again on Sunday afternoon we played sand volleyball and hung out at the park. The weather was beautiful, so this was a perfect activity.

The family on Larimer Square after dinner at Ocean Prime.

Night out dancing at the Tavern. (picture is blurry, but it sums up the night)

On Sunday we went to my uncle’s restaurant, which was closed for the day, and had lunch, did our egg hunt and had the final 60th birthday celebration for my aunt.

On Sunday, after most of the family left for the airport, Luke and I went up to Longmont, CO to visit a breeder we’ve been in touch with for the last few weeks. We have been wanting a Weimaraner puppy for the past 5 years or so, and we recently decided to look into breeders in the state. We got to spend a few hours with 8 beautiful puppies, and were matched by the breeder with the one she thought best suited us. We pick her up on Wednesday the 18th, and absolutely cannot wait.


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